20k - 50k Withdrawal Request Instructions

As part of our security procedure we ask that you provide the following documents:

  1. A utility bill ( i.e. phone bill, electricity bill) is required. Please be sure that the company name, your name and address are listed on the document.
  2. We require a Bank Reference which is also referred to as a 'Letter of Good Standing' . This is a letter from your bank stating that you have an active account there. Please ensure that the bank account number is listed, along with the current date, bank contact information and the bank name/logo. The document should also be signed by the appropriate bank representative.
    If you are requesting your funds via wire transfer, the bank reference should be for the account that your wire transfer will be processed to.
    Please ask your bank to draft the letter to the attention of Xpress Payments System Limited.
    If the bank representative you first speak to is not familiar with the document, please request to speak to their supervisor or the manger. We will not process your funds as a wire transfer or bank draft without the bank reference.
  3. A recent bank statement.
    Please be sure that your bank account number and name are visible on the statement, along with the bank name/logo, a list of charge descriptors and the date. This will assist our security department in confirming the validity of the document. If you are withdrawing via the wire transfer method, please provide the bank statement for the account that your wire transfer will be processed to.
  4. Credit Card. If you have deposited into your account using the credit card deposit option, we ask that you send front and back copies of any credit cards used. Please ensure that the back copy is signed.
  5. A notarized copy of your photo identification.

Please forward the notarized ID to the below address:

Sierra Star Casino
Office 16
Woods Center
Saint John's
Antigua W.I.

Express mail is recommended as regular post may take about 2-3 weeks for delivery.

However, if you prefer, you may send the documents via regular mail to :

Address: P.O. Box W1374 St. John's , Antigua W.I.

The utility bill, credit card, bank statement and bank reference may be faxed or scanned and emailed to the fax number or email address listed at the end of this email.

If you have sent any of these documents previously and they have been accepted there is no need for you to resend them at this point. Please only send the documents that remain outstanding.

The bank reference, bank statement and utility bill are only necessary if you are withdrawing your funds via the bank draft or wire transfer options. It is not needed if you choose to withdraw via another one of our payment options. Therefore, if you wish, you may log into your gaming account, cancel your pending withdrawals and withdraw using another method.

Please Note: In order to withdraw via an alternative method, you must have at least one successful deposit via that payment option (except the bank draft and bank draft express options where a previous deposit via those methods is not necessary).

Once the requested faxes are legible, they will be placed in a secure file and you will not be asked to re-send them in the future. Additionally, having your documents on file will facilitate other adjustments we periodically make to a players account such as an increase in the deposit limit, upgrading the VIP level or making any changes in account details that you may request.

You may fax your documents to: International 632-756-7849

For the fastest reply time, however, we strongly suggest that you scan and send your documents as e-mail attachments to [email protected]. This option works best for image quality and clarity, and we usually receive legible copies on the first attempt whereas faxes usually take a few attempts to obtain legible copies. Scanning may be done at the closest document processing depot if the necessary equipment is unavailable to you.

On receipt of the above documentation, we will complete processing your withdrawal request.

Please enclose your username when sending your documents to assist us in locating your account.